Abortion – The Forbidden Choice…or Is It?


I was recently asked a very interesting question about Christians and Abortion. A friend genuinely wondered why and how a Christian could ever support abortion. She said it was confusing to her.

And I completely understand why. So, I attempted to explain my Politically IN-Correct perspective to her and I just thought I’d share it with you as well.


You know what? I don’t think anyone actually supports abortion. I think it’s a horribly difficult decision that no woman makes without painful, long lasting, emotional consequences. The sad thing is that, for a lot of reasons, women do and will make the choice to abort whether it is legal or not. They always have.

Historically there were so many women who mutilated themselves in an effort to end a pregnancy (especially by rape or incest) that it was made legal to offer a safer alternative.

I am NOT pro abortion! But I do recognize that even God, in his word, offers us the freedom to choose life…or death without judgment and without condemnation. 

I do believe that life begins at conception. And to argue that it doesn’t is simply ridiculous.

I believe that it’s horrifying to have to make such a choice. Gratefully, I’ve never had to make that choice myself. But if I were faced with such a decision, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone deciding what I can or cannot do, under the law, with my own body.

My decision should be between me, the father of the child and my God.

I pray for those unborn children because they truly are in Paradise, already in the arms of our Lord. I also pray for those women who have chosen to abort because I speak with many who are still haunted by their decisions. Just like any other choice in life, there’s an emotional consequence. And I applaud the women who had the courage to love, raise and care for the children they almost aborted.

I think we get so wrapped up in the emotional aspect of this that we forget that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Our lives don’t begin here in this world nor do they end here. We are each eternal beings. Those aborted babies have just transitioned into another heavenly realm and we will see them again. God loves us and them that much!

Additionally if the “issue” is financial, think about this! We pay more for a child who grows up in an environment of neglect, abuse, abandonment and ultimately imprisonment than we ever would for a woman terminating a pregnancy.

If ‘killing’ is the issue, how do we Christians justify wars and capital punishment? Is it that some people ‘deserve’ to die while others do not? In God’s eyes we WERE ALL forgiven PERIOD and He said there is NOW NO MORE condemnation…PERIOD. Romans 8:1 (I know that may challenge your ‘Religion’, but if the Word is your final authority then lets allow it to speak for itself.)

So who are we to condemn someone to die if Jesus already sacrificed his life on behalf of ALL of our sins? That includes everybody’s sins.

So before we give our stamp of approval on the kinds of murder we condone as Christians, perhaps we should consider the heart of our God in EVERYTHING!
That should be the extent of it, in my opinion. That’s just my politically INcorrect perspective.


[Incidentally, I did an extensive study and an overwhelmingly persuasive speech arguing AGAINST abortion in college, which earned me a 2 year scholarship at Clark Atlanta University to complete my degree in communications. I opted to transfer to Spelman and accept a 2 yr scholarship in Environmental Research so that I could continue to pursue Information Technology and Environmental Science. That’s a fun fact I bet you didn’t know about me. HA! Hindsight is 20/20 ~ I wish I had accepted the offer to study communications. 😉 But I digress. Q!]

What do you think?

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