Can You Feel My Pain? (VIDEO)

Since 1998, I suffered in silence and no-one but me and my husband, Charles, had a full understanding of all of the chronic pain that I endured. So, I’m peeling back the veil to share with you the details of what was really going on.

In this video, I share my battles with Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, 5 herniated discs, panic attacks, spinal nerve damage, chronic pain and financial ruin and how I came to realize that I didn’t love ME! The inspiration behind my new book The Self Love Lessons; 7 Lessons Every Woman Must Learn About Herself and The Power of Womanhood.

I pray that my transparency gives you hope and faith in God’s ability to restore ALL!!

Can you relate to my story?

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As you may already know, my personal calling and mission is to impact the lives of women worldwide by teaching them how to apply The Self Love Lessons to their everyday lives. Why? because when a woman truly, fully loves herself, a Supernatural power is released within her and from that point, nothing will be impossible for her!

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