Do you see what I see?

In YOU, I see a level wisdom that’s just waiting to burst through.  In YOU, I see a strength that’s growing stronger, deep within you. I see beauty and courage and a determination to grow and shed those self-defeating habits that have ensnared you for years.

Don't let life, it’s challenges and (2)I see a yearning in YOU to be FREE; Free from the people who you ‘BELIEVE’ have kept you from your Dreams, FREE from the obstacles that keep presenting themselves both inside and outside of you; FREE from the THOUGHTS that have paralyzed parts of you that you aren’t even aware of, FREE to Unleash Your Dreams! Not the ones that you’ve decided to settle for, but the Real Dreams, the BIG Dreams that you believe only exist inside the ‘Realm of Impossibilities’.

I’M HERE TO REMIND YOU OF YOU!  Whether you know it or not, YOU ACTUALLY live INSIDE the “Realm of EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE”!  Can you believe that? Say “YES”!

Don't let life, it’s challenges and (6)I was recently forced to face myself, look ME square in the eyes and OWN the fact that I had stopped believing in MY own BIG Dreams! Without even realizing it, I had decided to settle for a version of myself and my dreams that I believed ‘could’ come true. I let life, it’s challenges and obstacles convince me to Aim LOWER! (Hmm…What a sobering realization that has been.)

As I looked into my own eyes, here’s what I heard.

“Really???? Is that ALL you really want out of this life? You’ve got to be kidding! What about EVERYBODY ELSE?”

WOAH! How and when did I become so selfish? (Blink…Blink) It had been a long time since I even considered the fact that I really had been chosen, called, prepared and equipped FOR YEARS by God to EMPOWER YOU!

Yes, it’s very true. As you get to know me, I will share some amazing experiences I have had that have proven to me over the years, beyond all doubt, that this is what I am here to do.

My giving up on my dreams was never just about me, it was also me giving up on YOU!  And as soon as I realized it, THAT was NO LONGER AN OPTION!

So TODAY, as I celebrate the Resurrection of my Lord, Jesus; The Christ, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s GRAND ACT OF LOVE on my behalf, on our behalf.

I am so very thankful because THAT LOVE also lives IN ME! And it was designed to be expressed through me to you!

Don't let life, it’s challenges and (3)It is THAT LOVE that has drawn me back into “The Realm of Impossibilities”. It’s THAT LOVE that reminds me to STAY AWAKE to my own strength, my own wisdom, my own BIG dreams, my own GRAND calling and to remember that none of it is about ME. It is THAT LOVE that lives and flows through me reminding me that my TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts & Skills) were ALL given to me NOT FOR ME but FOR YOU! Today, that UNDENIABLE TRUTH has been Resurrected in ME!

It’s easy to get caught up in your own life’s dramas. Trust me, I know. It’s easy to fall asleep and see yourself as ONLY able to do what you can do…and be what believe you can be. After all, that’s what we’re taught, right.

But is that the real truth? What if you just can’t, even in your mind’s eye, conceive of what you CAN ACTUALLY BE? What if you’ve lived inside your “Possibilities Box” for so long that any dream that you conceive of falls so very short of what’s actually possible for YOU?

Here’s a thought…What if Oprah’s “Possibilities Box” allowed her to only believe she could grow to be a good news anchor…look what she would have missed out on. (Think about that!)

Before I go on, I have to declare that Right Now TODAY, You ARE ENOUGH! In fact, you’re MORE than Enough! You’re NOT broken and you don’t need to be fixed. I’m not suggesting that you need to be repaired in any way at all. I’m merely asking if there’s a part of you that yearns for MORE; More LOVE, More fulfillment, More Joy, More Money, More Accomplishment, More Contribution, More Expression…Just More out of YOUR Life?

If your answer is YES, then I’m asking…NO, I’m begging YOU to step out of your ‘Possibilities Box’… with ME…and let’s really DREAM for a minute!

Because it’s that same LOVE that is tugging on your own heart strings….reminding you, even nagging you to Not Lose HOPE! Those Big Dreams of yours are not just dreams of the ‘stuff’ you want to own, the house you want to live in, cars you want to drive, clothes you want to wear…that’s not what I’m talking about.

Don't let life, it’s challenges and (4)The BIG Impossible Dreams that I’m talking about are the “WHO DO I WANT TO BE?” Dreams!  How will I Show Up in the world? What Can I Accomplish with and through my life? WHO do I want to HELP and HOW? Those are the GRAND IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS I’m talking about!

Bear in mind that the ‘stuff’ you want will show up just as a product of our God giving us the desires of our hearts. Those things come WITH you living your DREAM! But you have to start by DECIDING WHAT IS ‘THE’ DREAM?

I have a friend that asked me a very powerful question that even to this day, my answer keeps changing. She asked me, “Queenie, What is it that YOU WANT? WHAT – DO – YOU – WANT? WHAT DO YOU WANT – TO – DO? WHAT IS YOUR DREAM LIFE?” She said, “If you could have any thing you wanted and you could live ANY life you wanted…WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

I honestly had to pause and really give myself some time to think that through. If I had NO LIMITS…what DO I WANT?

How FREEING those questions were. They took the cap off for me. They reminded me to think FROM greatness instead of the small, impossibilities, rational box that I had grown accustomed to living within.

I’m so grateful that someone took the time to ask because it forced me to give LIFE to My Dreams once again, and so I pay it forward.

I ask YOU, WHAT DO YOU WANT? It takes you asking yourself those very specific and yet extremely powerful questions that force you to Give A Voice to your dreams!


What’s Your REAL, SCARY, I’m Afraid to say it out loud, GRAND IMPOSSIBILITIES…BIG DREAM? I really want to know. Reply in the comments or even inbox me your answer. Put it into the atmosphere! Don’t think about it…Just Do it! Right NOW!

Don't let life, it’s challenges and (5)I’ll celebrate and champion you on it…and through it…because your heart is CALLING YOU TO IT!

I will caution you by saying…MAYBE IT’S NOT the thing that immediately drops into your mind. Go BIGGER! That ‘Thing’ has always been there shielding what’s behind it.  What’s the REAL ‘BIG’ DREAM? (You may need to take a moment and just be still and listen to your heart…Pause and Give yourself at least 2 minutes…then proceed.)


~~~~~~~~~ P L E A S E   P A U S E  A N D  L I S T E N ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~ ARE YOU LISTENING? ~~~~~ L I S T E N  T O  Y O U R  H E A R T ! ~~~~~~~


Write down what you heard! Write it somewhere where you won’t forget it. Send it to me!


You see, when I look into my own eyes, I see the GRAND IMPOSSIBILITIES that Lie Ahead for YOU! Because In YOU…I See ME!

Remember, We’re in this together! I promise, I won’t abandon you ever again.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


P.S. If you’ve convinced yourself that you have no dreams, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t believe that lie! Allow yourself to push past that belief because there is something within you that is merely lying dormant, waiting for you to give yourself permission to even just acknowledge that the dream, YOUR Dream, however insignificant in your eyes…IT EXISTS! It is REAL and it is WAITING for you! OWN IT…so we can move on!

You gotta tell me what you think!

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