From My Heart to Yours...

QueenieCloseUp207x204Welcome, I'm so glad you found me!  It was no accident, you know. We were destined to meet and perhaps take the next steps of our journey together. I invite you to take a moment as I share something from my heart to you.

I thought I was OK. Happy even. But at the young age of 28, my body began to literally shut down. The 15 years that followed was riddled with physical, emotional, financial and relational calamity that reduced me to a shell of the woman I once was.

But that shell was all God needed in order to repair, replace and restore me to greater than I could ever imagine. I'm still on that journey and I'm learning and growing stronger every single day.

Our God is a Healer!

There are So Many Lessons to Learn About Loving YOU!

The lessons I learned growing through that painful chapter are priceless nuggets of wisdom that every woman (and girl) desperately needs to understand about herself.

We all want the same things; to be loved, to be heard, to be seen, to be valued, to be respected and to LIVE our Dreams. But until we learn these lessons we will sabotage those very dreams and live out our lives at less than our best.

Allow me to share the first 3 lessons that may make you take a second look at how you are Loving You.

  • Self-Love Cannot Exist Within Self-Neglect

    I was great at neglecting myself and my own needs. I put everyone else before me and I paid dearly for it. Over time I had to realize that I had given so much of myself to so many people, projects and commitments, that I was totally depleted. I had nothing left to give…not even to me!

    Even then, I was still trying to give out of an EMPTY cup until my body finally said…”No More!”

  • Self-Love Cannot Survive Without Boundaries

    I was good at juggling lots of things and I was even proud of it. I didn’t set nor did I honor my own boundaries. Instead, I just piled more onto my plate. What I didn’t realize was that I was taking over the responsibilities of others and carrying far more than my own ‘weight’. It was unhealthy for both me and those I ‘thought’ I was helping. Instead, I was setting the example, teaching others how to use me (up), and yes, even abuse me.

  • YES ~ You Can FAIL At Loving YOU

    I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have time to notice that my life was spinning out of control. Honestly, I didn’t want to slow down. I was afraid of the silence, afraid to be wrong and afraid that if I slowed down long enough for even one tear to fall down my face…I wouldn’t be able to stop crying. So, instead, I just ran faster. I was ultimately forced to learn how to get quiet, take my head out of the sand and fearlessly FACE the REAL ME!

You were created to be a POWER-HOUSE: Designed with SuperNatural Strength and Unlimited Wisdom! It's time to Turn it ON and TURN IT UP!


Who Knew There Was A POWERHOUSE Living In the Midst of ALL of that PAIN?

Perhaps my story is a lot like yours. We’ve all had obstacles to overcome. Some of us more than others.

But I gotta tell you, and I'll make no apologies for this, I am Absolutely DETERMINED to OVERCOME EVERY obstacle that presents itself in my life.

Why? Because it is my DESTINY to LIVE the life of MY Wildest Dreams POWERFULLY and Manifest EVERY Promise that God has made to me (and YOU) in His Word.

You see, it’s my ASSIGNMENT to use my life as a playground, to LEARN the Lessons from Life and then BOLDLY share them with YOU in hopes to help people just like YOU to live the lives of THEIR WILDEST DREAMS.

I won't pretend that it's easy to put all my business in the streets :-).  But for the purposes of my's necessary.  These lessons, the pain, the loss and everything that came with it...was not just about me. It was about YOU too! I'm sharing these lessons...because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Your DESTINY is Worth it! Your DREAMS are Worth it!

Allow me to Lovingly step you through the process of learning more about WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU'RE HERE and WHAT YOU NEED to shift in order to fully STAND IN who you've been called to be; who YOU ALREADY ARE deep within.

I'm Here FOR You and I'm IN IT WITH YOU!

So, expect to feel a greater sense of appreciation and a genuine adoration for the woman that you see in the mirror. Expect to care for her well-being. Expect to long for more of her intimate time. Expect to hold her in the highest esteem. Expect to require her protection.

The truth is, Self-Love is not about you at all! It is about positioning yourself in such a way as to be able to give to others effortlessly, ceaselessly and genuinely.

Self-Love is a position you stand in, in order for your life to be one of balance, of purpose and of whole-life prosperity.

So, now that our paths have connected, Will you stand with me, in Loving You?



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Kellye “Queenie” Brown is a passionate advocate for the restoration of women’s Spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and financial well-being.

Queenie empowers women all over the world through her writing, videos, speaking engagements and life-changing seminars. Her prayer is that her message of love will have a profound impact not only on the women of today but also on future generations.

She is also the creator of™, the founder of the Wisdom Sister Circle™ and the author of The Self Love Lessons: 7 Lessons Every Woman MUST Learn about Herself and the Power of Womanhood.

Enough is ENOUGH!

"Ok, Ladies! We have waited Long Enough; Hurt More than Enough; Worked Hard Enough and prayed Long Enough.

This is our Moment! It is FINALLY Our Time!

Together we'll HEAL, GROW, DREAM and Finally LIVE The Lives God Promised us ALL in His Word!

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