About Queenie

My mission is simple. I am here to use my own life as the playground that we all get to learn lessons from. My goal was to create and empower a community by teaching the principles of love, so that we could support one another as we all apply those very principles to our daily lives.

My ultimate purpose is to help us all eradicate every obstacle that has prevented us from living our lives POWERFULLY! Together we will live the lives of our wildest dreams!

Contact Queenie

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  • Queenie@QueenieBrown.com
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Book Queenie

Queenie speaks on topics that include the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational restoration of women. She has enlightening insights on the obstacles that we face and the effective strategies that we must employ in order to overcome them.

Queenie delivers an entertaining, impactful message while vulnerably sharing the stories of her journey through tragedy to triumph. To Book Queenie for your event, seminar, summit, retreat, etc., please submit your request using the form on the left. Provide as much detail as possible. Thanks for your interest in bringing Queenie to impact your audience.

The Ladies LOVE The Message of LOVE!

Absolutely Awesome! When I found the book (The Self Love Lessons), I knew it was the answer to my prayers! For years I’ve been wanting to know HOW to really love myself and now there’s finally a book and a website too!  I’m elated and I’m telling EVERYONE! Thank you so much Queenie for this!

Danielle Stinson, Detroit, Michigan

Where Have You Been All My Life?  I’ve been praying for something like this. I never expected it to be this good. Every woman should experience this. There are no words to express my gratitude for Queenie and this book.

Alaina Russett, Charlotte, NC