God Didn’t Do It!

Can I just make something clear – God is NOT the one responsible for the horrible, painful and otherwise unpleasant things that happen to us in our lives. He doesn’t send us through terrible things to teach us something or make us stronger. He doesn’t need to use distress and calamity to bless us. THAT IS NOT GOD!!! WHERE DID WE LEARN THIS? And WHY do we still tell each other this in an effort to comfort one another.

What loving parent would have their child hit by a car to teach them not to play in the street? That is NOT God nor is it the character of LOVE!

Know that it is the Love of God that heals us when we’re hurting. The Love of God is what rescues and comforts us when we find ourselves in these painful situations…for whatever the reason…God LOVE US!!

God may not be the cause of your ‘situation’ but He (and his unfailing LOVE) is most certainly the solution…(If only we allow Him to be). #ImJustSaying

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