Grow Your Own Food – FREE SUMMIT!

Many of us have been chatting about learning how to grow our own food right in our backyards. Well, whether you’re interested in container gardening, planting some herbs or replacing your grocer and pharmacist with your own vegetable garden, here’s a FREE ONLINE SUMMIT that you DON’T want to MISS. #GrowYourOwnFood‬

It starts MONDAY (4/6/15) and will cover sooo much. There are 34 different presentations. I’m so excited. Check it out and see what meets your interests and what your schedule will allow. You can also purchase the whole thing if you want to keep the sessions for future reference.

The FREE Sessions will last all next week. Enjoy!

By the way, If you plan to attend, say so in the comments and let me know what you want to learn to do in your own garden (now or in the future). Let’s encourage each other. Hugs, and here’s to #CleanLiving! Q!

Feel free to share this link with your friends. Let’s empower each other! YES!

Update…………..Here’s what I want to learn: 

I want to start by replacing the veggies I use most…Bell Pepper, Onion, Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Squash, Zucchini, Cabbage, Tomatoes and I’d LOVE to try my hand at Watermelon.

I’d also like to plant a small herb garden since y’all know I need to
use more herbs and spices and lay off the Lawry’s.

I don’t have the space for all of that, nor do I have the time, but I’m interested in learning what I can during the #GrowYourOwnFood summit. I’ve always wanted to have the freedom to go out in the backyard and pick what I want to eat.

That reminds me so much of home. We could pick fruit from the trees in our backyard or even from the neighbors on the way home from school. HA!

What I wouldn’t do for a lemon tree right now! LOL! (Sadly, t
hat won’t happen in the Georgia clay, though )

What about you?

You gotta tell me what you think!

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