It’s Time For Me to Snatch Off My Mask!!!

In honor of #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth, I wanted to continue to highlight a form of abuse that is often invalidated and misunderstood: Verbal, Emotional, Mental and Financial Abuse.

Many of the victims have a hard time articulating what this type of abuse actually looks like and feel like in their world. I have been a victim of this type of abuse in several relationships throughout my life. I can honestly say that it alters your thinking on a level that you don’t understand until far too much damage has already been done.

If you are in a relationship that negatively impacts your self esteem, and your self worth with a person who invalidates you, tries to control you, that makes you constantly question yourself, you may want to consider whether that relationship is worth all the damage it is doing to you and those you love.

And if you choose to stay in the relationship, then perhaps it’s time for you to look in the mirror and decide to re-build YOU! You may not be able to change the other person, but you can change how you allow them to impact your THINKING and ultimately your future!

There are long term affects to this type of abuse that we never even
think about. We’ve all heard the saying that “Hurting People Hurt People”. Well, when you endure abusive relationships you tend to turn your anger, resentment and bitterness towards others and you ultimately become the hurting person that hurts people.

I know this intimately because I became the one who inflicted the hurt…onto myself! I became an abuser and my primary victim was ME!

BUT GOD…in his infinite wisdom, saw fit to single me out and teach me, step-by-step, How To Love Me HIS WAY and that’s what has healed me through it all.

Our God didn’t intend for us to be in abusive relationships. But every day we find ourselves in situations with siblings, friends, family and our partners where we feel that we are being treated less than the best.


Because honestly, You/We all Deserve Better! #LoveDoesntHurt #TheSelfLoveLessons #LiveSelfLove

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