My Devastating Loss…A Day I’ll Never Forget

Baby #1: 4/19/2012 – Went home to be with our Lord.
Baby #2: 4/5/2013 – Our loving, smart and joyful baby Chloe Janae was born.
Baby #3: 2/28/2014 – Tonight rests in the arms of our Lord.
This past Friday was probably the most traumatic day I’ve ever experienced in my life.

As I lay on the floor in a pool of my own blood, I prayed that Chloe would stop crying and finally go down for her nap so I could collect myself and get ready for the ambulance that was on the way. My husband was racing home from his job, which incidentally is over an hour away.

My doctor’s office stayed on the phone with me because they didn’t want me to pass out before help could arrive. I had lost a lot of blood. What made it worse was I couldn’t leave for the hospital until someone arrived to be here to take care of Chloe.

Charles made it home just as the ambulance arrived and then I began the 40 minute ride to the hospital alone.

The pain was incredibly intense but what was worse was my having to finally say goodbye to the baby that I had been carrying for 11 weeks. It was devastating but sadly it was expected.

After hours of testing and waiting at the hospital I was finally told that they were about to prep me for emergency surgery. It was all too much! That was Friday 2/28/14.

Today, I’m home recovering well and am grateful that God brought me through it all. Yet again He’s proven to me how very much he loves me and how very much he has for me to share with the world. It’s nothing like trusting God.

I’m also grateful for my dear friend Shakey who came to be by my side the moment she heard I was alone in the hospital. Thanks for being there with me through it all. Thanks for reading the Word of God to me and thank you for reminding me of God’s love for me. I do trust Him.

At times like these we often don’t really know what to say and I get that. After my first miscarriage I received some very well-meaning, yet VERY disturbing responses/comments, so I wrote an article about it. I’ve chosen to make this experience public because every opportunity for us to learn, grow and watch the manifestation of the love of God is an opportunity that should not be passed on. It takes courage to share this, so my only request to you is that if you’d like to leave a comment sharing your love and support, please take a moment to read the attached article I wrote on the subject. That way we all learn through this experience together.

I know God loves me and yes we will be trying again.

What NOT to say when you don’t know what to say – by Queenie Brown

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