Watch My OWN-TV Audition Video (Throwback)

Do you remember back a few years ago when Oprah first launched the OWN network? Well at the time she sent out a call for people who wanted to create a show that could be broadcast on OWN.

It was a contest that required a video submission and she selected from hundreds of thousands of applicants nationwide. Do you remember that?

Well, guess who applied? Yep, I did. I scripted, filmed, edited my video…then stood in line at 5am and waiting with thousands of folks and actually pitched my show idea to Oprah’s producers! Can you believe it?

Looking back…I learned so much from the whole experience and I feel like it’s all coming full circle right now, TODAY.

Needless to say, they didn’t pick me. And today I’m glad about it because I still had so much growing to do. Back then…not so much. HA!

But for your amusement, I am sharing my OWN-TV AUDITION VIDEO with you.

OK before you watch it I MUST WARN YOU! We were only being judged on the content of the video and the show conceptNOT THE QUALITY. That means the producers were instructed by Oprah herself to ignore the sound, the editing, the set and all the ‘stuff’ that we did to complete the videos and simply focus on the message.

I had to say that because when I watched it back I thought.”Are you serious? You submitted THIS to Oprah!?” YES I DID!

Y’all know I’m a little hard on myself and Praise God I’m still growing.

So here it is…My OWN TV Show Audition.

Hugs. Q!


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