Pain Free Child-Birth – Something Amazing Happened Through Me!

A few years ago, a colleague stepped into my office sharing that “today” was the day that she finally reached full-term in her pregnancy. I was excited and we did the normal goo-goo ga-ga, girl-mommy chatter.

As she turned to walk out of my office, I felt a quickening in me. It was that all-too-familiar nudge from God reminding me that there was something more to share with her. In obedience, I asked her to come back in because there was something that I needed to say to her.

Although I knew the answer to this question, I felt led to ask anyway. I softly asked “Monique, you DO believe that Jesus is your Lord and He died for you, right?” “Yes”, she replied. Then I said, “I know that what I am about to say to you will sound crazy and I’m OK with it sounding crazy.” She nodded and said “OK”.

Next I said, “When Jesus died for you, he released us all from the curse, right?” She said, “Yes.” I continued, “Well, when Eve ate the forbidden fruit, part of the curse was pain during childbirth. You don’t have to have pain when you deliver your baby. The only reason that we believe there will be pain is because we watch other women writhing agony, yelling and cussing. But when Jesus died we were redeemed from that curse. You don’t have to have a painful delivery.” As soon as I finished, she looked at me perplexed with a somewhat shocked look on her face and said, “You know what, you’re right”.

In that very moment she said, “I think my water just broke”.  She looked down to check to see if she could see anything. She said “Something is happening”! Then her eyes darted towards me and she exclaimed, “You did this!” She waddled to the bathroom and sure enough, her water had broken. A few minutes later, we wheeled her to the elevator so that she could be on her way to deliver the baby.

She dilated 4 centimeters before she felt any pressure at all. The OB induced labor because she wasn’t feeling any pain or contractions even. Then she started to feel pressure. They gave her an epidural and she didn’t even feel the needle go in. After 2 pushes, and with a little help from the OB , she gave birth to a 5lb. 15oz. little girl. Her name is Mia!

Monique and her twin sister Monica were amazed at the ease of her delivery. I praise God for allowing me to share that message with her, right on time.
So, what was the lesson in this? Actually, there are a few:
Lesson 1) Fear Not – for God is with You!
Monique was the 3rd person to whom God had urged me to share this revelation with. The first 2 laughed at me, especially since, at the time, I had never been pregnant. So this truly is a testimony of how obedience does give birth to blessings.
Trust me, I had fear about the whole situation:
  • Fear that the message would be rejected
  • Fear that I would be rejected
  • Fear of whether she would have the faith to make it manifest
  • Fear that what I told her wasn’t enough. There was more to the message that I didn’t share.
  • Fear that I told her too late in her pregnancy for her faith to be built up.
But the bottom line was that the little bit that I shared was her mustard seed. That was all she needed to believe God!
[Matthew 17:20 Amplified/Paraphrased – If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed…nothing shall be impossible for you.]
Lesson 2)  Delayed Obedience is Still Disobedience
Had I allowed any of those fears to stand stronger than what God needed me to say & do, Monique may have endured an excruciating delivery because that was what she had expected. Had I waited, she may not have had an opportunity to believe the message/God’s message because of her own fears about delivery.

It was similar to Mary when she believed the Angel which told her that she would be pregnant. She said “Be it unto me according to thy will”. When Monique said, “You know what, You’re right”!, it was as though she was saying, “Be it unto me according to God’s will.”

Lesson 3)  Be the willing vessel
In the moment you feel the nudge from the Holy Spirit, Yield! You never know what kind of blessing He will allow to move through you!


 Call for Stories: Will YOU Give Another Woman HOPE?

Ever since this experience, I have come across many women who have shared stories of Pain-Free birth/deliveries. Of course, I don’t mean that it’s a walk in the park, after all, it is giving birth and discomfort is obviously a part of it. However, the unbearable excruciating pain, the screaming and wailing doesn’t have to be a part of your experience.
So, if you have had a pain-free/pain-less pregnancy and delivery experience, please share your story with us. We’d like to help increase our community’s faith in the possibility.
Hugz, Q!

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