The LEGEND’S Ball – Will you hear my heart?

Oprah’s Legend’s Ball

Will you hear my heart? I’m sitting here watching Oprah’s Legends Ball and I just can’t stop the tears..for a lot of reasons. I watched this show year’s ago, but today it means more to me than it ever did.

I’m so honored to have been chosen to live my life in this day, at this time with all the freedom and opportunities that I have at my fingertips. Watching these trailblazers who have overcome so much to achieve so much… To be fully self expressed, living in the fullness of their gifts, Unapologetically, just takes my breath away.

I also feel such a weight of responsibility to stand boldly in my gifts, in my calling, in my assignment without excuses, without apologies and without any concern at all about how some one will receive me, reject or approve of what I’m called to do.

I feel an overwhelming sense of courage flooding thru me as I watch so many Legends having stood in their own truth. The abundance of love and accomplishments and strength and courage and fearlessness and wisdom and humility and generosity is just too much.

And to know beyond all doubt that our almighty God endowed each of them with it ALL just reinforces to me all that he’s done within me… not for me… But to inspire and empower the world.

It’s pulling and tugging and yanking on the greatness in me that I can no longer ignore. I can no longer diminish. I can no longer just give you a peek, in hopes that you won’t reject me. I can no longer pretend that I’m not in that room with all of those Legends. I too am a legend that has been in hiding. Hiding from the strength, the power, the talents, abilities, gifts, skills and wisdom that my God gave me.

Why? Because a long time ago I learned that being fully me made so many people so very uncomfortable… so uncomfortable that it caused them to hurt me deeply in so many ways.

I’m no longer afraid to let the beaming bright light of God blast thru me like it’s cutting thru the darkness that fills the entire universe.

I’m ready to stand in my rightful position of legend and own it fully regardless of what pain it brings me because it’s my destiny. It’s my path. It’s my assignment and is the dream life I’ve been called to live. And honestly, I’m thrilled about my calling.

I’m ready to finally, completely, absolutely be ME UNAPOLOGETICALLY! I’m finally, honestly, ready. Are you? Ready or not, here I come! Stay tuned…I Am QUEENIE BROWN!

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