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If you found this page…if you’re reading these words, it means you’re ready…for “The Self Love Lessons”!


You deserve to live the life of your dreams. It’s your destiny! But what’s stopping you? What’s been in your way?

Sure, you could blame it on the hand you were originally dealt in life? Or maybe you aren’t living your dream life because of the choices you have made.

Whatever the reasons (and there could be many), where you are now has absolutely nothing to do with the life you were destined to live.

The ‘things’ in your way are merely obstacles that you have yet to understand how to overcome.

I say, it’s YOUR time for answers. It’s YOUR time for results. It’s finally YOUR TIME to SHINE!!! And that’s why I’m here.


The Invincible Woman: The Unstoppable YOU!

This NEW book is for the extraordinary woman trapped in an ordinary life.  These 7 lessons are for the woman who is finally ready to grow beyond her life’s DRAMA and step boldly into the life of her wildest dreams.

No matter who you are or what you do, you want what we all want: to elevate your life to YOUR next level; to finally take YOUR dreams off the shelf and live in them FULLY!

Imagine YOU…WHOLE!  I’m talking about restoring ALL that was lost, recovering ALL that was stolen, repairing ALL that was broken and equipping YOU to be the highest class of WOMAN!

The Self Love Lessons will Prepare you to be a POWERHOUSE in EVERY area of your life.   The Self Love Lessons is about creating THE INVINCIBLE WOMAN: The UNSTOPPABLE YOU!!


This book is not for the woman who thinks she has it all and knows it all…already.

It is for the woman who wants it all and is not willing to settle for life as it is today. It’s for the woman who is determined to grow past each obstacle that presents itself in her life.

It’s for the woman who is ready to upgrade her ordinary life and finally create the extraordinary. It’s for the woman who is convinced that her destiny lies in her own hands and she will not stop until she FULLY lives in it.

I think you’re that woman. I think you’re ready to become UNSTOPPABLE…Don’t you?


Much More Than You Might Ever Expect

The wisdom revealed in these 7 lessons will UNDOUBTEDLY Change Your Life Completely. How? Well for starters, it will increase your understanding of the power that you currently hold that you may be completely oblivious to.

You truly do have power within you…an untapped well of extraordinary ability that you’ve not only been unaware of, but you’ve been missing this essential piece of your life’s puzzle.

You want to be the woman who has it all together For Real, not just the one who’s pretending and hoping nobody finds you out.

You want to be the one who stands out in a crowd without even trying because your light can be seen.

You want to be able to draw and attract everything good you’ve ever wanted into your life, right? Well, The Self Love Lessons will unlock some of the most powerful secrets of womanhood that will introduce you to the absolute best version of yourself.

This book reveals the 7 lessons that will instantly transform your mind, body, relationships, and professional life from the ordinary to the Over-the-Top Extraordinary.

It’s these lessons that will prepare every woman who learns them to finally step into the life of her wildest dreams.

It’s time you stepped out of a life of stress and overwhelm and into the Life of YOUR Dreams!

If you aren’t already living the life of your dreams, perhaps there’s something in your way. Allow me to help you overcome every obstacle and introduce you to the absolute best version of yourself.

Ready to become unstoppable? I knew you were! So glad you found me! Now let’s get to work!

”” ”Queenie
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The Ladies Are Talking...

“WOW!!! Who knew there was so much to loving yourself? Why hasn’t anyone been teaching this all along? We’ve really missed it. I wish I’d read this years ago. But I’m grateful to have it today and I’m sharing it with every woman I know! ”

- ”Theresa”, ”New

“Where have you been all my life? I’ve been praying for something like this. I never expected it to be this good. Every woman should experience this. There are no words to express my gratitude for Queenie and this book.”

- ”Alaina”, ”Charlotte,

“Sometimes we avoid looking within for fear that we might not like what we see. Queenie not only helps you to see inside the woman that you are today (and find that beautiful part of yourself), but she also helps you to see inside the woman that you are destined to become. The Self Love Lessons was far better than I ever expected.”

- ”Cheryl”, ”Atlanta,

“Remain open, relax and throw away your pre-conceived notions. I promise you will walk away with things you didn’t even know about yourself!”

- ”Tracy”, ”Lithonia,

“I received this book as a gift and I haven’t been able to put it down. I see my life changing with every lesson. I can’t wait to see who I will be when I’m done. What A Gift!”

- ”Yolanda”, ”Seattle,

“Kate’s story IS MY story!  I cried almost every time I picked up the book. At first I was sad to look at my life for what it was. But today I am excited because I now know what my life can be and how to create the life of my dreams. Thanks Queenie for writing this “Work of Art”!”

- ”Danielle”, ”Trenton,

“This book is filled with Life Lessons worth sharing. Superb!”

- ”Grace”, ”Los