Week 1 – My Rocky New Start

This week marked the beginning of a new life for me. I started a 6 month journey called the Master Key. It’s a very demanding daily program that promises to support me in changing my mindset and stepping into the life of my dreams. I’m in this alliance with people from all over the world and I’m excited about how this will impact my life long term.

You already know that when I grow, you grow. I’ll share what I ‘legally’ can so you can watch this entire process unfold. Consider this your personal peek inside my journey. Each week we have been tasked to chronicle our journey via BLOG. This is the beginning of My Story.


I’ve got to be honest, Week One was a Doosey!  I’ve already learned so much about me and most of it wasn’t at all what I expected.

I’ve enjoyed the readings, although they seemed a bit long. As the week progressed, I began to enjoy them more. I added the audio versions to my routine throughout the day, which has really helped me layer the information and take it in even more.

Just Sit Still

The invitation to sit perfectly still for 15 minutes a day seemed easy enough. Well this was probably the most painful exercise of them all. First my fingers weren’t crossed right. Then my legs were touching in an uncomfortable way. Next it felt as if my hair was being pulled. I made it all the way to 5 minutes in and I erupted in a yell and had to just shake it all off. “What is this? I really can’t sit still? This is crazy.”

So I started again and I made it through the final 10 minutes realizing that I had just endured actual physical torture. LOL.

On Day 2, I avoided it altogether. Yes, I’m aware that it was my old blueprint…yes I’m aware that I let it win. I told you this week taught me a lot about me. I’m still growing.


This was by far the most fulfilling exercise of the week. I was apprehensive at first but after actually putting my DMP on paper, I felt like I was on fire! I needed to see ME and my dreams that way. I’m so grateful for this assignment.

Say It Loud!

The absolute best part of the exercises is saying them out loud. When I say it, I really hear it. I feel it and I know it within me…that what I’m saying is coming to pass in and through me. In a way, this exercise makes it MINE already and I LOVE that!

Overall, this week has challenged me in many ways and I came face to face with my old blueprint too many times. I had no idea how strong that blueprint IS and I was disappointed with myself more times than I care to count.

I’m going to go easy on me for now knowing that this is just the beginning. But this first week has shown me, beyond all doubt, what’s been keeping me stuck for so long.

Here’s to growth, change, destroying that debilitating blueprint and making my dreams finally come true.

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