Week 3 – Turn On The Power!

This week, Master Key #3 blew my hair back! I have listened and watched this key over 30 times this week because it finally helped me to see how things in my physical body actually connect to the spiritual world and how things are manifested. Talk about empowering! There were so many nuggets that I have just wanted to pull them out and put them on display right here.

“Eliminate, therefore, any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been, or as they are, because it rests with you to change them and make them what you would like them to be.” This was both freeing and empowering for me.

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My next question of course, was HOW? I got my answer.

Direct your effort to a realization of the mental resources, always at your command, from which all real and lasting power comes.”

I really worked on this alot this week. I had to keep bringing myself to remember the untapped well of extraordinary ability that lies within me and how I can use my thoughts to actually change my life.

This along with my DMP and the Greatest Salesman book are all starting to link together and it’s fascinating to be an internal observer of my own growth through this.

“The new actions will, however, in their turn, become habitual, then automatic, then subconscious in order that the mind again may be freed from this detail and advanced to still other activities. When you realize this, you will have found a source of power which will enable you to take care of any situation in life which may develop.”  THIS!!!

Okay, this is the source of the power which will enable me to deal with ANYTHING that EVER shows up in my life throughout my life? This is priceless and as I continued to read this it became crystal clear that these actually are the keys that will change my life.

These few quotes barely scratch the surface of this week’s key. I’m going to continue down this rabbit hole and see where it leads me. It looks like the adventure is about to begin. I invite you to join me…below.






Enjoy it for yourself! I will warn you, The entire MK System is a bit cerebral to say the least.  But as you repeatedly take it in, it becomes clear and actually easy to digest. Give yourself a chance to watch it more than once. You’ll be glad you did.

NOTE: The sound begins at 1 minute in…

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