What If…?

I was awakened in the middle of the night. I’ve learned that when this happens I can either lay there and look silly trying to force myself back to sleep, or I can get up and write. This night I opted to whisper into my audio recorder exactly what was being whispered to me. It made me think, perhaps it will do the same for you. Q!


What if each one of us were spiritual beings and our lives will actually exist throughout all eternity in some form or another? What if there would never be a time when we would cease to be?

What if, as a perk, God gave each one of us an opportunity to spend a lifetime on earth; however long or short that lifetime would be?

What if we were each given a certain set of circumstances, none were alike, with a certain family structure and none were the same?

What if God fully expected us to experience the winds of this world with the full understanding that He had already made a way for us to  overcome them all, one way or another? 

What if our only job here is to live fully expressed in our gifts that He Empowered us with and to simply LOVE?

If this were the case do YOU think He would care if you were gay or straight?  Would He be moved so deeply by the pain and loss that we endure knowing FULLY that it is ALL a temporary situation?

Would He feel the full weight of the loss of abortion knowing that a physical loss has absolutely NO bearing on the Spirit of that unborn child’s eternal existence?

Would He waste his days in judgement and condemnation of those who misbehave or would He seek to love them all the more… just to ensure that those of us who made it here, could live out a lifetime and have an opportunity to live it to the fullest; experiencing love, joy, peace, fulfillment and abundance in every area of our lives?

What if our time here on earth is God’s grand experiment to allow us to learn to be like Him FULLY?

What if you are just wasting YOUR days trying to oppress those who are not like youcondemn those who do, in the light, what you’ve done in the dark, and neglect the needs of those you’ve been equipped to help and serve?

What if you found out that YOU were wasting your time here focused on the bad behaviors of others and ignoring the Grand Call that is YOUR OWN; The Call to Love EVERYBODY Without Conditions?  What if?

What if you found out that even your Good Behavior was of NO consequence to God?  Especially since He sent His Son to Absolve US ALL of ANY and EVERY crime, long before you took your first breath.

What if God already decided to love us all, one in the same, behavior notwithstanding? What if God doesn’t see class or status and instead He sees His family…His children?

What if you’re unable to focus on the POWER that’s within YOU because you’re too preoccupied with judging, condemning, controlling and oppressing those who are not like you? Even if it’s only in your THOUGHTS! And because you’ve oppressed either in word, thought or in deed, you’re now deathly afraid of some type of retribution. Your only solution is to control and oppress some more.

How can you live out the fullness of God’s plan for YOU, for mankind, if this is where YOU ARE FOCUSED?

What if you’re learning in this very moment that THAT is NOT LOVE AT ALL? What if it’s the direct opposite of love and the antithesis of compassion?

What if God in his infinite wisdom decided that the Best Way for us to Learn Love was for Him to surrender His control over us and our behavior and instead provide each one of us with a choice…the FREE WILL to choose?

What if He set before us life and death, earthly consequences and then merely suggested to us the path that would bring us more life? But in the end, what if He actually left the choice up to us?

What if God made the decision beforehand to Love Us ALL just the same in EITHER CHOICE, come what may?

What IF?


As I said above, when God woke me, in the middle of the night, to pour this through me, it really made me think. It made me consider the things that WE ALL tend to put weight on, focus on and judge the masses by. It forced me to look at our labels. It caused me to consider how we invalidate one another. It challenged me to see things from a different perspective and ultimately, it made me ‘check in’ on what I’m believing.

There’s so much meat on this bone…help me chew on it, would you? Tell me what thoughts came to your mind…Q!

You gotta tell me what you think!

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